Recognizing a Thunderstorm Vs. A Hurricane

By admin
Date Jun 29

Hurricanes and thunderstorms are similar because they both contain a lot of thunder and lightning. However, a hurricane has wind speeds that start at over 70 mph. This makes hurricanes much worse than a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms may contain strong winds but they rarely exceed sustained winds of that of a hurricane. Hurricane winds can last [...]

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What To Do When A Wildfire Starts

By admin
Date Apr 30

Wildfires have been increasing in deadliness as the population expands and the extreme weather conditions make them more likely to occur. The majority of people receive little if any training on the steps to take during these catastrophic natural disasters. Understanding the steps to take before, during, and after a wildfire can save lives and [...]

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Safety Checklist: Make Sure Everyone’s On Board

By admin
Date Apr 26

Extreme weather conditions cause injury and loss of life each year. To reduce your risks during an extreme weather event, preparation is the key. Listen to your local weather authorities when they tell you to evacuate or prepare. Have an emergency preparation kit on hand to grab if you are told to evacuate. Your emergency [...]

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Is Your Basement Ready For A Disaster?

By admin
Date Apr 25

The basement of your home can provide an excellent shelter during various types of natural disasters. Ensuring that it will provide the protection that you want for you and your family requires a little preparation, however. The first step is to guard the area against flooding. Checking for leaks and other ventilation systems that may [...]

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What To Buy: Stocking Up For A Blizzard

By admin
Date Apr 23

When blizzard conditions are heading your way, it is best to be prepared for the worst. You may lose your services, including electricity and water, and may be snowed in for long periods of time. However, with proper preparation, you’ll be able to weather any type of blizzard that comes your way. First, clean water [...]

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Efficient Preparation Tips For Impending Disasters

By admin
Date Apr 19

While we are usually well informed by our weather services about any impending disasters, the weather can still be unpredictable. Weather patterns can change instantly, dumping buckets of rain one minute and snowing heavily the next, only to round out the day with sunshine and warm temperatures a few hours later. Therefore, it is always [...]

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